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You can’t afford NOT to. Poor translation and interpreting services can be disastrous for your business. See what’s at stake.


What's the difference?

Translators do the writing. 翻译s do the talking. ATA helps you find the right language professional.


Can't a computer do all this?

There are times when machine translation is useful, and times when it's not. Learn when to use Google Translate, and when to hire a professional.


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When you are committed to quality, the language professional you need is an ATA member.

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This article originally appeared on the Bulletin of the UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpreting. It is republished with permission. All translators and interpreters are bilingual or multilingual. But not all bilinguals or multilinguals can translate. It is a common misperception, especially in multilingual societies like India, that multilingual individuals…


What is Machine Translation?

Technology is moving at a faster pace today than ever before, and many people are left feeling confused. How will new technologies affect creative fields like translation? The American Translators Association has issued a position paper on machine translation (MT) to cut through the hype and explain the uses and…


Subtitle Translation and Captioning: the Key Ingredients to Successful Social Media Video Marketing

Learn how you can leverage subtitle translation and captioning to expand reach, boost engagement, ensure accessibility, and more – from a professional subtitler and captioner.  You’ve created the perfect video for social media, but it’s not getting the views, shares and likes you expected. Everything seems just right, so what’s…


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ATA provides guidance for standard terms, conditions, and clauses. Adaptable samples of agreements and contracts are available.


Need a certified translation?

在美国.S. anyone can certify a translation. A translator does not need to be certified in order to provide a certified translation.